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Heart and Mind Choice

I hear more and more people complaining about their circumstances, others circumstances thus mastering the negativity that seems to surround us daily. I was one of those people once, not giving regard to who or what I may have affected with my comments and actions.  I still catch myself from time to time participating in this outward spread of negative dis-ease!  It isn’t okay to project that kind of energy on anyone, even ourselves.  The choice we make regarding our own thoughts, words and deeds projects outwardly…imagine how much of this takes place and what affect it has on the immediate circumstances around us.

Today as I glanced through a post on a local TV station’s reported story, I observed a deluge of unkind commentary.  Entitled to your opinion, you say?  Rude comments regarding the subject of the story, idiotic rants about the reporting of events,  bashing other commentators, pointing fingers and hypothesizing about the person being reported on…seriously, what good can come of any of this nonsense.

Go ahead and make foolish talk, rant if you must and breed bad in others, all the while I will feel sorry for you and your need to condone your own thoughts and behaviors however horrible they may be.

I’m choosing the promotion of positive energy.  By choosing good thoughts, words and deeds we will certainly cast some light on this pervasive wake of darkness being hurled at us daily.  Choose to guard your heart and mind, it all starts there.