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Art like that…

My goodness, it’s been months since I’ve written my blog.  Most everyone I personally know has been faithfully seeing all the work I’ve been doing on creating the studio/gallery space I’ve dreamed of my entire life.

Earlier this year I stumbled across a couple of great YouTube teachers thanks to my very creative daughters and their friends.  Apparently there is education on YouTube, not just silly cat videos (these have a requirement, also)!  The Art Sherpa, Cinnamon Cooney and her husband John offer live acrylic and watercolor training on several social media venues.  They are wonderful and Cinnamon’s teaching style is simple and she has a wonderful geeky interest in the how/why paint/techniques/products work.  Totally up my alley if you know my desire to understand my weird tech-y side.

I’m going to leave a link below in hopes of boosting her subscriptions and likes online!  DO check her out and follow her.  I was surprised by how easily it is to listen to her and her zest and love of life itself is astounding.  This is the first time since I took oil classes from Mikki who owned “From the Beginning”, an art supply store/studio/gallery that I’ve realized that I am an artist and I am doing this.  My belief is stronger than ever and my fire even hotter!!!

Anyway, even if you don’t think you are an artist, or you aren’t able to ‘draw a stick person,’ you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised at how she can explain “arting” to simply anyone!

Her website is and I’ll attach a link to one of her videos below.  Chances are if you haven’t been hiding under a rock and visited Pinterest at all or seen paintings at a wine and paint night or paint studio you have seen her designs!!