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Taking it all in

The best part of living on a lake in the summer is having a park in my own back yard. The beauty that surrounds me as an artist is ever inspiring. I’m relaxing on my back deck watching the sailboats and recreational boat traffic, kayakers and fishermen. It truly doesn’t get any better, in my opinion.

Any chance I get to invite others over to enjoy this is an added bonus. What others don’t get to see is the endless hours of maintenance and labor it takes to keep up a lake home and entertain. I was warned by others that it would get old at some time, but not yet.

My kids’ friends are here. A lot. It’s a blessing to know the company they keep and the experiences and memories they make. It seems to draw those of us back who spent summers at cabins, lake camping or shared lake homes. It is certainly teaching my children about the work involved and that working hard is rewarded by playing hard.

Today, I may not be creating in my studio but rest assured these moments are what fill my creative tank in order to inspire new work. If you are reading this, please take a moment to like my website, comment and visit my Facebook Art page and do the same. Share it with others, you never know who you may reach to inspire through no real work of your own but they will be inspired by words or pieces here.

I am hoping “the ART studio” open house will happen this summer amidst the showings at Vino Cappuccino (Elk Mound, WI) in July and Mabel Tainter Theater (Menomonie, WI) in August. I’ll announce artist receptions for both where you can join me for a beverage (wine) and conversation!

Ahhhhhh, Sweet, sweet summer!