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Authentic Expression

What is Authentic Expression? What does it mean to be authentic? As humans continue on an evolutionary path, we see a wide collective expression of personalities vying for a place at Earth’s table. It may be a struggle to innerstand not living the authentic expression of yourself affects the entirety of humanity.

It may seems as if there is a holding pattern pausing life, attempting to find purpose as we navigate this realm. Many of us have identified programming and conditions of society that impact our reality and at one time created our reality unconsciously. Those who take the necessary steps to identify and move through programming can consciously rewrite or create their script, yet others remain content living in ever looping programs and bypassing unresolved circumstances or internal challenges which create the victimhood status they revolve in.

The choice is up to each of us to revolve or evolve, . Resolution of personal trauma, whether it is based in this lifetime, or traveled through ancestral DNA, directly coded in our genes, opens our hearts and minds to this authenticity of Spirit and expression from this identifying TRUTH. Truth is no more than our fully embodied self encompassing mind, body, and consciousness. It takes great courage to face the shadows and evolve, and in facing mine, I’ve released information and knowledge that wasn’t available previously in my state of consciousness. Even more mind blowing is the experience of becoming an observer of our own life, an active participant with increased knowledge of the realm in which we reside. Multi-dimensional aspect of energy holding consciousness in a highly magnificent physical body made up of intricate systems of some 70+ trillion cells all working in harmony (or not) to create our experiences. Miraculous and beautifully created, supported, and guided by the greatest of loves.

The extreme lack of self love contributes to the increasing amount of depression and self harm that is prevalent in our world. Diagnosis of mental health issues are often related to the trauma in the heart, which science has proven to more powerful, and the driving force of the mind. Trauma will disempower a human and relegate the mind to the simplest of operating systems, fight or flight, with very little function if this is an ongoing existence. Humans need to be shocked, if you will, out of this state, most often a life changing event. PTSD is spoken about , but not recognized collectively as the root to most trauma based coping mechanisms, yet getting to the ROOT of the stress is often masked by pharmaceuticals or other get better quick antidotes offering momentary solutions. Empowering through the use of the Creative Self and engaging the brain outside of it’s fight or flight, is one of the best therapies I have uncovered in my own Shadow work. Going through emotions and actually processing them, rather than identifying as them is healing.

Creativity, no matter what form it takes, has the distinct ability to ‘bring us back to ourselves.’ I am finding as a Reiki Master, Color Therapist, and Intuitive life coach, people are searching but they don’t always know exactly what it is they seek, and I do believe it to be the lost aspects of themselves or their ancestors where unresolved trauma still remains. I still do sessions with myself daily in gratitude for the results I have achieved and now wish to share with others.

BEcome the observer of your life. Flow through emotions without attachment, but recognize where they are coming from and work through a resolution in some physical form. It can be physical movement, getting out in nature, gardening, playing music, drawing, journaling, and the list goes on and on. It must be physical to refocus the brain into the creative, rather than logical self, be prepared to experience peace, and joy, and laughter once again.

Be brave, YOU are worthy and loved, now evolve! ~Tammy