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Today IS a new day

How often do we wake up with fire in our eyes and swift feet with a notion to accomplish great things?  More often than not, I wake up scrambling to shut off the alarm clock so I can achieve 10 more minutes of non-sleep before I choose to stumble down two flights of stairs and encourage my two teenagers in their morning routines.  Making a stop in the kitchen to get my coffee on, then caffeine can force my brain to function on all cylinders and open my eyes a little wider!

Truth be told, I know that if I set my intentions the evening before to wake feeling rested and have a plan for my day the morning routine will seem far less chaotic.  I’m still implementing some ideas from, “Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle” by Doreen Virtue, a great simple read with self-improving suggestions to allow yourself to “break free from Negativity & Drama.”  It is amazing to find out that we really create our own chaos out of pure addiction.  I had no idea that I was inherently addicted to stress hormones!  Adrenaline, cortisol and histamine all are highly addictive.  So much so, that when stress addicts become ‘bored’ they create their own drama which triggers these hormones to be secreted!  WHAT???

In addition to creating your own drama, food and drink are encouraging the production of these hormones without your consent! (Except you ate or drank them, that is!)  Craving something??  You guessed it, probably just needing another boost of histamine!  This was mind boggling to me.  Eating cleaner (not processed and purer or organic) will definitely help, but certain foods themselves actually increase hormone production.  I’m talking all of the things that I love that I thought were good for me.  (Spinach, citrus, pineapple, most nuts, avocados, bananas, carob, chocolate, coffee, black tea, peaches, seeds, strawberries, tomatoes, shellfish, vinegar, red wine and yogurt just to name a few)

A change in one’s lifestyle can be overwhelming but with practice, just like most things, will get easier and eventually become the norm.  By simply starting my day by rising when my alarm goes off, enjoying a glass of water and stating my intentions of success I’ve purposefully eliminated morning chaos and created a solid platform for a wonderful NEW day.

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The first step is warm coffee!

Let me start by saying that as a “busy” middle-aged wife, mom and a successful stylist of 20 years, why would I feel that I am not fulfilled.  What is my real passion if it’s not the fore mentioned? Why would I start over halfway through my life and how the heck will I find time to make it happen?

When I first thought there is more out there for me, I had no idea where to start looking.  You would think that looking within one’s self seems the most obvious choice but having no idea how to look within caused me some definite stress and concern.  How can you find the time to look within when you can’t keep the refrigerator stocked, laundry caught up, kids’ schedules straight, husband’s bookkeeping up to date, organize guests hair and nail appointments, volunteer for school and church events, house cleaned, entertain for family/friend events or even drink your coffee WARM??!! (Just to name a few!)

This is a concern shared by other women I have spoken with and it would seem they are experiencing a similar longing or drive to change.  I also feel as women there are more challenges awarded to us by society, including other women in ‘doing what you love’ ~vs~ ‘doing what you have to.’  How do we manage fulfillment, balance our current lives and still remain true to ourselves?  Clearly we cannot create more time.

What about simply using the word ‘NO’?  YIKES!  Who really likes that word anyway.  Our children seem to learn it awfully fast around the age of two, so why not use it on ourselves?  I’ve discovered that by simply saying ‘NO’ to a few things that were minimally important in my grand vision of the day, I managed to squeeze in a few minutes for at least a warm cup of coffee and time with my thoughts!

Starting this journey also meant sharing it with other women who might be experiencing similar questions in their lives.  Wanting more, knowing they are capable of more but unaware of how to achieve more without ‘upsetting the apple cart,’ so to speak.

Say ‘NO’ to something long enough to follow along, enjoy a warm cup of coffee and look within to find what you desire.