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Holiday Excitement

“Holly Day,” original 12″ x 12″ available
message for details

The hustle is here y’all! What a rewarding and challenging year. New relationships, new business partnerships, new commissions and new shows have developed many skills this year. Finally able to take a moment and update what’s going on.

As I continue to grow my skills, acrylic and mixed media seem to be my preferred mediums. It really challenges my creativity and allows me to produce interesting artwork out of somewhat chaotic messes. I LOVE the challenge of it!!

This past year I’ve participated in Mary Nail’s Vendor event and a community Fine Art show at the Heyde in April, Vino Cappuccino’s Gallery this summer, The Yellowstone Art Trail in September, the Valley Art Association’s Fall member show and the Mabel Tainter Fine Art and Crafts Fair in November just to name a few. It has definitely prepared me to choose the shows I will apply for and/or continue during 2020 and beyond.

Artisan Forge Studios and Gallery continues to have several of my pieces (large and small) displayed for sale. Take a friend or 2 and swing in to see the wonderfully eclectic collaboration of 2D and 3D fine art, sculptures and jewelry. Legacy Chocolates and Skill Shot Coffee and Pinball are also there, you will not be disappointed.

January and February 2020, I’ll have pieces at the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport for sale. Contact me directly or Erin at the Airport for more information on purchases.

Mother Nature stomped on “the ART studio’s” 1st annual Holiday Event planned for November 30th. I decided to open the studio during class time this Sunday, December 15th for anyone who may have wanted to stop in that day and couldn’t. Please refer to Events on my Facebook Page for more information about this Sunday and future classes/events.

Thanks to all who purchased and supported me this past year, you are truly AWESOME!! That being said, all artists are unique and for me to reach consumer likes across all styles/genres would be impossible. If my work doesn’t appeal to you and you are wanting to support me (thanks, that’s super amazing!!) other than by purchasing, simply follow my Facebook and Instagram Pages and take a moment to Comment, Like/Share my work on Social Media with your friends and family. It helps me reach a larger audience with my work and find others who may want to purchase or commission me for a specific piece.

I’ve updated Google listings with the studio address and photos and I’m asking those who follow me on social media to leave a shout out on Google reviews, as well. I’ve taken time to do the same for the many businesses that I frequent. (It really does help, especially small business owners!)

Wishing you a wonderful Holiday season and Joy for the New Year.

Be-You-tiful, Be Awesome and Happy “Arting!” ~Tammy

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Update on sales/studio time!

Over the course of the next 2 months I’ll be adding some extra open studio time. If you’re interested in personal classes, creative time or simply would like to stop in, feel free to message me via Facebook or email to check times.

A few have asked about classes and I have accumulated student supplies over the summer and have several options available listed on my Facebook page under services. I love to inspire and share my knowledge with other creatives! I will be at the School of Arts in Menomonie, hosted by ACT2 (Arts Coming Together 2) in November for a palette knife class. See their page for more info.

Do, please, excuse the clutter while I continue organizing and developing the studio space; it has taken more time, money and effort than I had to give during the summer. (Moving my oldest daughter to college and having a High School freshman required my time and energy for the time being!!)

I personally would like to thank all who have asked about or viewed my gallery displays at Vino Cappuccino (July) and The Mabel Tainter (August) or stopped by during the Yellowstone Art Trail a week ago. Good thing stubborn determination runs in my blood, or I may have given up on this journey of starting a studio. I will say this, the happiness I am experiencing in creating and sharing only inspires me to do more!!

Artisan Forge Studios in Eau Claire currently has 5 of my newest paintings available for sale. It is a remarkable place for creatives and they offer so much there; do stop in and view all of the wonderful artists they represent!!

And now that is is fall I enjoy taking time out of doors to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us during my most favorite time of year!

To all the Be-you-tiful peeps, “Happy Fall Y’all”!!

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Expo at Vino Cappuccino

Starting on Wednesday, July 3rd through Saturday, July 26th you can view several of my pieces at a local artisan style bistro in a great farmhouse setting that offers a wonderful menu, decadent homemade desserts, coffee and features wine from local vineyards. If that isn’t enough of a temptation, Vino Cappuccino also features local musical entertainment in a great outdoor setting and offers a great social atmosphere! I am excited to be hanging pieces as one of the local featured artists this year. I’m also looking forward to just going to hang out with friends!!

Another local artisan offers Bob Ross style oil painting classes there on Wednesday evenings, I highly recommend it and you’ll leave with a work of art for your wall that even you’ll be surprised you did!

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Taking it all in

The best part of living on a lake in the summer is having a park in my own back yard. The beauty that surrounds me as an artist is ever inspiring. I’m relaxing on my back deck watching the sailboats and recreational boat traffic, kayakers and fishermen. It truly doesn’t get any better, in my opinion.

Any chance I get to invite others over to enjoy this is an added bonus. What others don’t get to see is the endless hours of maintenance and labor it takes to keep up a lake home and entertain. I was warned by others that it would get old at some time, but not yet.

My kids’ friends are here. A lot. It’s a blessing to know the company they keep and the experiences and memories they make. It seems to draw those of us back who spent summers at cabins, lake camping or shared lake homes. It is certainly teaching my children about the work involved and that working hard is rewarded by playing hard.

Today, I may not be creating in my studio but rest assured these moments are what fill my creative tank in order to inspire new work. If you are reading this, please take a moment to like my website, comment and visit my Facebook Art page and do the same. Share it with others, you never know who you may reach to inspire through no real work of your own but they will be inspired by words or pieces here.

I am hoping “the ART studio” open house will happen this summer amidst the showings at Vino Cappuccino (Elk Mound, WI) in July and Mabel Tainter Theater (Menomonie, WI) in August. I’ll announce artist receptions for both where you can join me for a beverage (wine) and conversation!

Ahhhhhh, Sweet, sweet summer!

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With my oldest daughter graduating high school and choosing her courses for her first year of college, I’m reminded at how open minded and hopeful we are in our youth. I find myself trying to go back to that feeling and continue to live as though our dreams still guide our decisions. Life experiences take us on some twists and unexpected turns and that doesn’t have to keep us from continuing to pursue new dreams and goals.

Today is a day to live your best life in pursuit of happiness and inspire others to do the same!!

I’d also like to add that I’m still over the moon about moving forward with my dream to inspire others creatively and have hosted a couple classes in my studio. I will keep exploring ways to bring others together with art and celebrating successes along the way! Speaking of which, here is one of mine!!