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Create Change

Our current world is far more sinister than the one I grew up in, and although humanity has persevered through very dark times, none feel as dark as this.   Evil is masquerading about, disguising itself as well-intended and dare I say even “good.”  We are discerning right from wrong misguided by people who understand how to manipulate our minds and our decision making.  Think you are obsolete from this?  I encourage you to read on.

Inherently, we are composed of both good and bad.  Our conscience, that when influenced, can sway either way.   Knowledge is available in an instant and literally at our fingertips.  We are rapidly making choices and decisions without understanding who may be misguiding influence in a particular way.  It has been proven that so much of our day to day decisions are not made of our own accord, but by those influences.  Dan Ariely, a behavioral economist, offers his thoughts on this particular subject in his TED talk way back in 2008.  It is interesting to note that as we have become more engrossed in our high speed, online based lifestyle, we have also forgotten our real need for personal human interaction.  A point I will pick up on later.

Fast forward to our world today.  The Covid-19 “Pandemic”  Why do you think they chose that term?  One word, FEAR.  Charts, graphs and “strategic” projections based on too many variables making it difficult to comprehend.  Why?  Could it be to  create visual uncertainty?  Leaders offering daily repeated messages that seem far to general in offering clear solutions to problems at hand, and proliferating the agendas of those who have ability to influence.  I’m quite sure it’s to misguide our thoughts and sway our opinions.  Terms like ‘pandemic,’ social ‘distancing,’ ‘infection rates’ and ‘death tolls’ lean focus on the negative.  It’s no wonder people walk around like zombies with their heads down while doing their “essential” tasks.

I understand death is subject not talked about simply because of the real fear people have of death itself, probably why that remains the focus.  A message of hope in all the despair that is being projected is to step away from the messages of ‘gloom and doom’ regarding death.  It is the finality of LIFE, it’s not a new concept.  My experience with death is not at all despair or gloom.  In fact, what I have experienced with several loved ones dying is it may be sad but also very powerful on a personal level.  When it comes to understanding one’s own spirituality, I believe it’s almost not possible unless you’ve experience the joy of first and last breaths.  Grief, most often experienced as a negative emotion of death, is the counterpart of love and though it is painful and unpleasant, it is directly related to how much you love someone. (or something.)  We actually experience grief in all loss and it is justifiable and healthy to express.  Just as you are born, it’s certain you will die; what isn’t certain is how or when, it’s not really up to us.  What is also certain is you have a choice over what to do with that life, how you want to influence or lead others and what you want your legacy to be.

We also can choose how, with whom and where to spend our time.  There are 525,600 minutes in one day.  An hour contains only 60 of those minutes, make whatever you do worthy of that time.  It is certain you cannot get it back so use it wisely.

Getting back to the previous comment on personal human interaction, it has become clearly apparent how significantly lonely individuals are, yet we were too busy to recognize it.  Families, friends, businesses and communities have supported, without a hidden agenda, and have provided for each other in this time.  I’m overwhelmed with emotion when I see how as a human race we have bonded over this recent affair.  So many have joined together as humans and responded with hope and extended help to those in need.  Seeing beyond the power and greed showcases those that have pure hearts and wishing to lead from a place of love. 

I believe the messages presented in our world from those who are leading with impure hearts further cloud common good and common sense.   They are clever in their influencing and we may have to pick the ‘best of the evils’ in how our systems operate due to greed and power.  It takes far more courage to stand up and speak truth and lead with love than ever and it is certain we are in desperate need of those who will do so and make major change in our world.  

It all starts with us and where we choose to lead from.  I choose to believe that most people are of good intention, and may have unintentionally been misguided by influential propaganda directly out of their control.  Creating change we must remain true to our heart and lead with love.  This is an honorable propaganda that needs to be spread worldwide and for the greater good of humanity.

Definitely not my usual art related blog post, yet this was a heart led message that needed to be shared.

Please stay safe, be well and I love all you be-you-tiful peeps!  Art Hugs ~ Tammy


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Why does this word conjure negative connotations?  There seem to be so many things we need closure from as humans.  Projects, jobs, family events, painful experiences and death.  Do we ever feel that we need closure on positive experiences to move forward…or to advance even further forward, or is it merely the raw emotion of heartbreak and loss that only awards us this process?

Moving forward seems to be less effortless when we obtain closure specifically related to experiences we endure.  It often requires a physical act to receive the necessary shift in perspective to move in another direction.  Perhaps in shifting our perspective even more, we could view these closures to traumatic experiences as a healing for our soul, a re-birth that will propel us forward.  In so much as to award struggle with victory.

I’ve spent a good portion of my last couple years asking many questions of myself.  Why is it difficult for me to relate to others?  Why do I feel like I’ve shut off my emotions, especially when it comes to death and dying?  Why do I have a lack of patience for individuals who seem to require attention for what I deem as frivolous?  So often I’ve been told that I’ve experienced so much in such a little time.  Maybe it makes others feel better to outwardly express that to me and that’s fine, if it offers closure to them.  Why do I feel as though I don’t require any more closure for what I’ve experienced?  I think I needed to allow that closure to heal my heart and soul.  It’s not necessarily going to happen over night, in fact the process of grieving itself takes a different amount of time in everyone.  I’m discovering that the process of allowing myself to heal is the most wonderful experience, and it isn’t more closure that I needed at all.  It affords me insight into others and their grief, something that I would have avoided like the plaque 20 years ago; now I am comfortable talking about those emotions and this closure process with others.

Allowing myself to experience all of the emotions is a part of my closure to these traumatic experiences; giving myself permission to move forward beyond and share what I’ve learned is the healing portion that I had been seeking!  I am so blessed that I can offer hope to others who have experienced even greater loss than myself in knowing that a purpose remains that is stronger than the struggle or loss.  It’s called victory.