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Finding Courage to Bring Balance

In the process of reaching Self Mastery, we are continuously faced with lessons leading us back to internal critiques of self. It is wise to approach this critique with mercy, grace, compassion, and ultimately ‘love’ for ourselves. The direct action of viewing our own shortcomings and/or trauma from a place of self-love enables us to identify and transform (alchemize) before we project them unto others. There are subtleties and nuances around how we access our sub-conscious thoughts and behaviors, so it helps to have a conscious alchemy “tool kit.”

To grow, shift, and change our Being, we must dig deep and find courage to face our shortcomings/trauma, even if they are not of our own making. We task ourselves with a second step in mastery which is forgiveness, first of self (remembering mercy, grace, and compassion,) and then others in the same manner. Choosing to go this path is a brave one when so many humans merely exist without any awareness of their conscious tool kit. I refer to this as ‘autopilot’ mode, the default operating system within the body that responds to shortcomings/trauma, in all sorts of forms and can be quite dangerous. From unhealthy self talk, to coping addictions, to causing external verbal, psychological, and physical harm to others, unconscious living has risks with unknown variables and if extreme patterns continue, the individuals often a significantly more painful experience to draw them out of the pattern entirely. Those who are conscious of patterns, and the pain of shortcomings/trauma often make an effort to not consciously harm others, afflicting pain directly on themselves instead. It is the lowest of the vibrational energy forms and, if not recognized, may result in ending ones own life.

Now, I don’t wish to take people down a path of despair, I wish to inspire and empowering individuals to know they are loved by a Divine Creator, and regardless of their issues, recognition patterns and behaviors so they can heal themselves. I think it is important to know there are common misconceptions humans may have around this ‘critiquing’ of ones own shortcomings and trauma. Much ‘collective’ judgment exists around common historical terms like ‘evil’ and ‘sin’ in relation to our human faults. I will point out that although I was raised Catholic, and explored Christianity my entire life, I consider myself a child of the Divine, and will forever hold Christ’s teachings deep within my being but I believe there is more to the “truths” many of us were force fed through memorizing doctrine. It is important to note Christ lived in a time where a hierarchy of masculine entities sought to control reality out of fear and that his life and teachings were to provide Extra-Worldly Higher Guidance direct from the Divine Source, whereas priests and holy men held worldly views. Christ was against the worldly teachings and sought to unite through Love. His teachings were given in Aramaic, and in His culture and language ‘these terms ‘evil’ and ‘sin’ quite literally meant to miss the target or mark because it was in reference to archery, and in Hebrew ‘sin’ means “missing the mark.” “Missing the mark” in life’s causes a separation from the course of Love you set on with Divine, however, it is the judgment of the human precipitating the guilt and shame. Trusting the Divine Source of Love is unending and provides the courage to face all challenges which arise on our human journey and our dedication to correct the path of the ‘missed marks’ through forgiveness, mercy, grace, and compassion are all that are needed to heal anything in this lifetime and for generations to come.

A daily practice of energetically checking in with Divine Source and our human vessel will serve as part of the conscious ‘tool kit,’ and includes any or all of the following; prayer time, meditation, mantras, creative expression, nature observation, physical exercise and so much more. In particular, I will focus on a meditative practice walking through our energy centers located directly within our human body, the Chakra Channel. Becoming attuned to the vibration and frequencies in each of your body’s systems and connecting (plugging it into your emotional and spiritual bodies, as well) to Divine Source to discern where you are ‘missing the mark.’

I have attached a downloadable PDF meditation to use as a tool for checking in with yourself. I will update and add an audio file in the future. For more information on the Chakra system and how it can provide insight into your wellbeing, stay tuned to my blog posts and social media sites for posts linked to evolution and expansion of your Human, your Spirit, and your Soul!

As always, BE well and…”In all you say and all you do, simply BE authentically YOU! ~ Tammy